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Buying tires
made easy.

Why TireTutor?

Tire Deal Rating

Find the best deal on tires with our tire deal ratings


Tire Quality

We find the longest-lasting tires for your car


Tire Price

We compare tire prices including installation (*no hidden costs)



Convenient local tire dealers

Local Dealer

When you buy your tires from a local tire dealer, peace of mind is guaranteed.

Many of the dealers on TireTutor offer complimentary services such as free tire rotations, free flat repairs, and free shuttle service. If you ever have trouble with your tires, just go visit your local dealer. They’ll take care of you. Isn’t that easier than shipping your tires back to a website for “processing”.

Local Dealer

TireTutor sorts tires according to value, so you always see the best tires first.

We include a dealer’s installation charges in our tire prices, letting you compare the total purchase price for your tires without any hidden fees. Since we don’t actually sell tires, our rankings are unbiased and we don’t limit our tire choices to only select brands. This gives you peace of mind that you get the most choices at the best prices.

How TireTutor Works


1. Search

Find the best deals on tires near you


2. Schedule

Click, call, or buy your tires online


3. Install

Have your tires installed locally—no
shipping, no hassle

No shipping. No hassle.

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Our Vision

Buying tires is complicated.
We don’t think it needs to be.

That’s why TireTutor was created by students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who love solving problems. Our goal is to make tire buying easy.