Tire Tips - Choosing the right tires for you.

How to Choose Tires

High Performance

These tires are designed to offer improved ride, handling, and steering characteristics.

Quiet Ride

These tires are optimized to provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

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Ultra-high Performance

These tires are for drivers who want the ultimate in handling and performance from their cars.

winter capabilities

These tires provide improved snow and ice traction in colder weather.

Cost Per Year Analysis

It’s important to consider a tire’s cost per year because the “cheapest” tire isn’t always the least expensive tire over the long-term.

TireTutor’s unique Cost Per Year analysis gives you the insights you need to make more informed tire purchasing decisions. It looks at a tire’s expected useful life, how many miles you drive per year, and calculates how much that tire would cost per year to own.


An example for how to calculate long-term savings in all our search results:

Mileage warranty: 70,000

TireTutor Rating: Great Deal Costs $ / year
rating scale
$337.98 + tax
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