Sumitomo Tires

Sumitomo Tires is an extensive Japanese rubber and tire brand begun in 1909. Its birth occurred when the Sumitomo Group invested in Dunlop Japan, part of the British-owned Dunlop Rubber company. The two companies worked closely together until 1983 when Sumitomo officially acquired Dunlop Japan. Sumitomo also enjoyed a close relationship with and investment in the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company until 2014 when Goodyear dissolved the partnership. Since then, Goodyear controls much of the Dunlop brand in North America and Europe while Sumitomo controls the Dunlop brand in Japan. In addition, Sumitomo also owns the Falken Tire brand, introduced in 1983. Sumitomo creates a wide range of both passenger and commercial tires designed for sedans, crossovers, sports cars, buses, recreational vehicles, tractor-trailers and more. It is the original equipment manufacturer for tires on several notable vehicle brands, including some Jeeps. Some of its most popular tire types include the HTR Z5, HTR Enhance, Touring LS and Encounter HT. Sumitomo Tires also produces the Ice Edge tire for winter driving. Today, Sumitomo Tires remains committed to precise engineering of all its products along with innovative designs. By focusing on its solid traditions of reliability and trust while remaining committed to producing only the highest-quality products, Sumitomo continues to lead the way with its solid reputation known around the world. Its heritage remains strong even in its North American market where it continues to hold rights on tires for original equipment on new cars from Japanese automakers.