Pirelli Tires

Pirelli Tires was founded in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli in Milan. Originally, the brand focused on several types of rubber products, including rebreathers for scuba diving. Over the decades, the company has branched out widely, even enjoying a brief stint in the fashion world. Today, the company has sold off its derivatives and only focuses on tires for cars, motorcycle and bicycles. By 2017, Pirelli was back on the stock market after a massive reorganization process. This brand sells its tires in over 160 countries. It is used as original equipment on several brands, most notably Porsche. It offers popular PZero and Cinturato tires for high-end cars, Scorpion tires for SUVs and Winter tires for those living in colder climates. In addition, it produces a variety of tires specifically designed for racing and was the creator of the wide radial tire, which can hold high speeds and pressures without slipping. Pirelli Tires is a proud sponsor of numerous sports. It currently sponsors the Spanish and Hungarian Grand Prix and is the only tire partner of Formula One. In addition, it sponsors the Alpine World Ski Championship and numerous European and South American football teams. Today, Pirelli Tires is committed to sustainability around the world. Its Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy is dedicated to preserving natural rubber supplies across the globe even as demand for rubber rises. In addition, the brand prides itself on its strong ethical code, anti-corruption program, global human rights policy and green sourcing policy.

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