About the Brand

General Tires is a widely known and widely respected American tire manufacturing brand in existence since 1915. Originally founded in Akron, Ohio, as The General Tire and Rubber Company, its name was shortened in 1960 before being bought out by Continental AG, a German tire manufacturing brand, in 1987. Today, General’s headquarters are located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Major U.S. manufacturing plants are located in Vernon, Illinois; Bryan, Ohio; and Charlotte, North Carolina. Some of General's tires have been used as original equipment on light trucks. They are also widely used for replacement tires on a vast number of automobiles and SUVs. General’s most well-known tires include Altimax and Ameri tires, which are high-quality all-season tires designed to create smooth, safe and comfortable rides on highways and in town all year long. General also offers the Grabber series, which is designed for trucks and off-road vehicles. For even higher performance, especially in wet conditions, both the G-Max and Exclaim series offer superb traction thanks to their unique tread designs. General Tires has always focused on improved technology, allowing the brand to cater to the needs of a vast array of drivers. General is currently seen as a leader in tire development in the United States and produces well-rounded durable tires. Some of the technology used on its tires today include additional sidewall protection, unique grip edges for improved traction, replacement tire monitors and visual alignment indicators, making it simple for all types of consumers to trust this brand.