About the Brand

Continental Tires is just one part of the Continental AG company, which focuses on automotive parts, including brake systems and vehicle electronics. However, the tire brand was the first successful part of this German company and has been in existence since 1871. It is known for being the first manufacturer to create tires with tread, a cutting-edge development at the time. Today, it is among the top five tire manufacturers in the world. Continental Tires mainly invests in car and truck tires and produces tires for a wide variety of top brands, including Daimler, Volkswagen, Ford and BMW. In addition, Continental also sells tires for motorcycles and bicycles. While Continental is a worldwide brand, it did not enter the North American sphere until it bought General Tire in 1987. Since that purchase, the brand has created a North and South American headquarters in Charlotte, South Carolina. Continental currently sponsors Extreme E racing, the HAJ Marathon and the Tour de France. The Continental brand has a wide range of tires for nearly any type of driving surface and any performance concern. For every tire type, safety and superior performance are of the utmost importance. From VikingContact tires for wet weather to TerrainContact tires for mud and rocky terrain, Continental has you covered. It also produces CrossContact tires for all types of SUVs and trucks. German engineering has set Continental Tires apart since the brand’s inception. Today, you can enjoy Continental’s innovation and high-performance technology whenever you take a drive.