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Bridgestone Tires Bridgestone tires have been popular since their inception in 1931, and Bridgestone is known as the largest tire manufacturer in the world today. Although it is well-known across the United States, Bridgestone, as we know it today, is actually a Japanese brand that was formed when Firestone Tire and Rubber Company from Akron, Ohio, was purchased by Bridgestone Tire Company of Japan. Using impressive innovation throughout the past decades, Bridgestone has become highly diversified over the years and has branched out into bicycles, industrial products and more. However, Bridgestone tires remain at the forefront of the company. In fact, the brand has even provided tires for Formula One racing through 2010. It is also the official tire of the National Football League and the National Hockey League. Bridgestone currently has factory locations around the world, including Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. It owns over 40 tire plants and over 20 tire-related plants. In the United States, the most notable Bridgestone Tire factories include locations in South Carolina, Illinois and Tennessee. Great performance and the highest quality products have always been at the heart of Bridgestone. From innovations in tire engineering for fuel economy to unique treads for traversing even the most challenging terrains, Bridgestone has drivers covered with favorite Blizzak, DriveGuard and Dueler tires, among many others. Whether you are looking for a quieter ride or winter traction, you can find just what you need from Bridgestone. Plus, you can feel proud of your purchase thanks to the brand's sustainability goals for a healthier planet.

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