How to Reach More Customers through Digital Marketing

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December 30, 2022

Both a strong website and Google Business profile will allow you to compete with large companies that have unlimited budgets.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

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The automotive industry spends over $5 billion dollars every year just on advertising, according to Reuters. Reaching consumers where they’re shopping is a competitive task so it’s important to have a thoughtful and effective strategy. Successful paid search relies on bidding on the right keywords to maximize your conversions at the lowest cost per click. Tools such as conversion tracking and audience targeting help fuel the Google engine, reaching the right audience for your business. People are shopping across Google more than a billion times a day and web searches for tires are trending up. Google Shopping Local goes beyond a website link and lists your exact tire inventory and pricing, bringing shoppers directly to your product and allowing them to purchase online. By combining paid search and Google Shopping ads, you’re able to reach consumers at every stage of their shopping journey, from consideration to purchase.

Marketing on a Budget

Is your business in the top page of organic Google search results? Is your Google Business Profile in the top three local results on the search homepage? To reach customers on a low budget there are ways to improve your Google search rankings with no cost. Strong SEO implementation on your website helps your business show up in the top organic results. An updated and optimized Google Business Profile will get your business in top organic Google business listings. Posts, photos, and review responses are easy ways to keep your profile optimized. Both a strong website and Google Business profile will allow you to compete with large companies that have unlimited budgets.

Trust and Transparency

Lastly, understanding how people shop will help mold your marketing strategy, ensuring you’re spending your marketing budget wisely. According to Google, the top three things businesses should know about shopping behavior are primarily driven by trust:

• Shoppers value honest, reliable information the most. Provide a positive shopping experience, beginning with transparent pricing information on your website.

• Shoppers prefer trusted brands over trends. Are you building a trusted brand? Do you ask for feedback and reviews?

• When people trust platforms, they trust the brands on them. Partner with businesses and platforms that are also trustworthy and transparent. Does your marketing platform share data with you? Do you know your cost per click, cost per lead, or the overall value they’re bringing you?

It’s important to set yourself up with a successful marketing strategy and make every $ count.