Free Starter Trial Agreement

This Free Starter Trial Agreement ("Trial Agreement") governs the provision of free advertising, marketing and other services by TireTutor, Inc. ("Company") to a dealer ("Dealer") who has completed the 90 Days Free Premium Trial online form through the Company's website ("Trial Form").

  1. This Trial Agreement commences as of the date the Dealer signs and dates the Trial Form ("Effective Date").
  2. This Trial Agreement incorporates and is subject to TireTutor's Standard Terms and Conditions for Dealers ("T&Cs") located at
  3. Company will provide Dealer with the following advertising and marketing services (collectively, "Services"):
  • Display Dealer Contact Information on the Company's website,, in Relevant Search Results Pages, including contact information, name, address, and phone.
  • Display Dealer Contact Information on Company's website,, in Relevant Store/Tire Detail Page Results, including contact information, name, address, and phone.
  • Relevant Dealer Inventory for Consumer Searches. If Dealer is providing Company with data of its tire inventory, Dealer's tire inventory and pricing may appear in consumer search results.
  • Consumer Lead Submission Form. Dealer's store and tire detail page results may include a consumer lead submission form.
  1. The term of this Trial Agreement shall be ninety (90) days from the Effective Date ("Trial Term").
  2. At the end of the Trial Term, any continuation of Services shall be subject to a written, executed Dealer Agreement and Dealer Order Form by and between the Company and Dealer.