Advertising Policy

TireTutor 3rd Party Advertising and Conversion Tracking Policy

Dealer’s running TireTutor software must run all advertising that requires conversion tracking pixels through the TireTutor platform or utilize the TireTutor advertising marketplace. In order to maximize attribution and conversion rates, we require the use of the TireTutor GTM and FB tags.

TireTutor has partnered with Imprezz.AI to bring machine-learning performance marketing to the tire and automotive repair industry. This partnership amplifies attribution across several advertising platforms, making advertising dollars more efficient and smarter. TireTutor is also the only company in America to offer Google Shopping Local free and paid listings for independent tire dealers and repair shops.

What is included:Any integration or tag that can be implemented without being generated in the Iframe loadConversion tracking through the TireTutor platform includes event tracking of all actions on site and iframes including leads and transactionsDetailed reporting of events and conversions

What is not included:Additional tracking scripts or pixels generated within TireTutor softwareAny additional tracking scripts or pixels that inhibit the performance of TireTutor softwareAny scripts or pixels that change the material flow of TireTutor softwareConversion tracking to 3rd party ad accounts 3rd Party support to help with conversion metrics/data

TireTutor reserves the right to turn down a 3rd party integration if we believe that it inhibits the performance of TireTutor software.If you have a request that is not included in the standard TireTutor product packages,

**applicable fees apply.


$250 Set up fee per pixel/per integration

$49.99 Recurring monthly fee per pixel/per integration