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What size tires do I need for my car?

Tire Size on Sidewall
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TireTutor makes it easy to confirm the correct tire size for your car. Most passenger cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks use the following tire size format. The tire size is comprised of three numbers: Width, Aspect Ratio, and Diameter. For example, if the side of your tire says, ‘205/55/16’, it means your tire is 205 millimeters wide, the sidewall of your tire is fifty percent as tall as your tire is wide (102.5 mm in this case), and the inner diameter of the tire is 16 inches. That means that if you’re shopping on our site, you’d be looking for tires sized at 205/55R16.

There is often an alpha-numeric classification immediately after the tire size. This is called the ‘Service Description’. It will look something like ’91V’. This refers to how much weight the tire can support at various inflation pressures, as well as the tire’s ride and handling characteristics and heat buildup the tire can handle.

It’s always a good idea to confirm you are buying the right tires for your car by checking the tire size and service description of the tires that were specified for your car by the manufacturer. You can usually find a sticker in the driver’s door jam, fuel filler cap, or owner’s manual that will tell you the proper tire size for your car.