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What kinds of tires are out there?

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We know that all the different brands, models, and descriptions of tires can be confusing! Here are a few quick summaries of commonly available tire models.

All-Season: Tires designed for light snow fall and to be used year-round. They offer a balance of grip on wet, snowy, icy, and slippery roads while still allowing for effective grip on dry roads in summer and fall.

Winter or snow: Winter or ‘snow’ tires are commonly used in heavy snow climates. You should mount them on your car before the first snowfall of the year. They’re often built with a heaver tread that’s designed to more effectively grip the snow on the road. They’re often much louder on dry roads.

Summer or ‘high-performance’: These tires are used for high-performance driving on many different models of vehicles. They are designed to tightly squeeze the road and often are built with expanding treads that are pushed outwards to offer better handling on dry surfaces. They are not designed or rated for wet and snowy roads.