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What You Need To Know About Electric Vehicle Tires

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What do you need to know about electric vehicle tires?

One of the many great benefits of driving an electric vehicle is the relatively low maintenance requirements. However, while there is not an internal combustion engine to maintain, other aspects of the vehicle continue to require your attention. The tires endure the brunt force of your vehicle’s impact with the road. Both friction and heat can create significant wear on electric vehicle tires over time. This can result in poor traction, slower stopping times and other effects that can detrimentally affect your safe driving experience. As you search for tires near you for your EV, it is important to focus on a few key points.

The Right Tires for EVs
Before you schedule tire installation, you need to find the best tires for your vehicle. Compared to gas-powered vehicles, EVs are heavier. They also produce considerably more torque. These factors can directly impact wear on the tires. To get the most life out of your next set of electric vehicle tires, you should invest in a set that is specifically designed for EVs. These may have a higher weight rating and be designed for a faster rate of acceleration.

The Importance of Replacing All Tires
Many EVs are all-wheel-drive vehicles because an electric motor is mounted to both the front and rear axles. As a result, the front tires may show wear more quickly. You can minimize this effect by rotating the tires as recommended. However, you may still notice that some of the tires are worn out before others are. While you may be inclined to save money by only replacing two tires at a time, this is not recommended. Mismatched tires can impact everything from the traction control sensors to vehicle performance and more.

You understandably want to optimize the driving performance of your electric vehicle over the years, and tires play a critical role in that. Keep these essential tips in mind as you search for the best tires for your electric vehicle.

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