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Toyota Prius Tires in Boston

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How to choose tires for your Toyota Prius:

If you own a Toyota Prius, you likely care about minimizing your fuel costs. Saving gas might be a key reason why you bought your Prius in the first place. If you live in the Boston area and you are replacing the tires on your Prius, you should think about how your tire choice might affect your car’s fuel consumption.

Let’s cover a few points about buying tires for your Toyota Prius:

1) Your Prius came from the factory with low rolling resistance tires. This means that your original tires were designed to reduce energy loss as your tires roll down the road. This reduces the rolling effort for your tires, potentially increasing your car’s fuel efficiency about 3% (on average).

2) If you’re in the market for tires, you’ll want to do the math on how much the fuel savings from low rolling resistance tires will save your wallet. If you drive a lot, the fuel savings from low rolling resistance tires might outweigh the potentially higher sticker price of putting this type of tire back on your car.

3) In Boston, and often across New England, we don’t have the smoothest roads. Our change of seasons leads to potholes. Although low rolling resistance tires are optimized to reduce the fuel consumption of your Prius, they are not always the best choice for ride comfort, handling, winter weather traction, and overall durability. However, some tire manufacturers invest heavily to ensure that their low rolling resistance tires offer improved fuel economy while maintaining premium ride and handling characteristics, in all weather conditions.

One way to ensure that you’re getting the right tires for your Prius is to talk with a consultant at a local tire dealer. Tell the consultant how many miles a year you drive, your expectations of ride and handling, and the types of roads and weather conditions you normally drive in. Fine tuning your tire choice based upon this criteria will help you save money over the long run, keep you safe behind the wheel, and make your driving experience pleasurable.