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The Best Kia Sorento Tires

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The Best Kia Sorento Tires

The 2017 Kia Sorento is a midsize crossover SUV that competes well with luxury brands in the departments of safety, comfort, and interior features. All trim levels are loved for their smooth rides, and each comes with normal, sport, and eco-driving modes. Because of this, it is important to choose tires that will make the best of these design features.

Kia Sorento Tire Sizes

The 2017 Sorento offered three different tire diameters depending on the vehicle’s trim level. The L, LX and LX V6 have 17-inch tires. The EX and EX V6 have 18-inch tires, and the SX V6 and SCL V6 have 19-inch tires. The larger the tire, the more you could notice every little bump on the road if you do not pick the best brand and design for your crossover SUV.


Which Tire Brands Should You Consider?

Some of the things you must consider before selecting new tires for your Sorento include price, safety, traction, treadwear and overall performance. Some of the best brands for this crossover model include the following:

-BF Goodrich

An all-season tire is a good choice for general driving on all types of roads all year long. Toyo Proxes S/T III is an excellent choice with good treadwear, a high speed rating and sporty performance. Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tires offer even better treadwear with excellent traction thanks to their 3D Micro Gauge Siping on their treads. Although the Michelin Pilot Sport tire is more expensive and does not offer the high tread life that Cooper does, this performance tire offers incredible handling and responsiveness for all your driving needs.


Consult Tire Dealers Near You

It can be difficult to know which tire brand and model is best for your Sorento. However, a local tire dealer near you can help you narrow down the choices by discussing your driving needs and showing you top-rated tires in person. As you shop for tires for sale, seeing the treads up close and discussing top safety features will help you feel confident in your decision.


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