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Replace All Four Tires on Your All Wheel Drive Vehicle

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Why you need to replace all four tires on your all wheel drive vehicle.

When the time comes to replace tires on your vehicle, you understandably want to keep the cost to a minimum. At the same time, however, you need to focus on maintaining the condition of your vehicle and promoting a safe driving experience. If you drive an all wheel drive vehicle, you may notice that the front tires are more heavily worn. This is because steering and braking most heavily affect the front wheels. There are also other factors that impact wear, including how frequently you rotate the tires, their air pressure, poor alignment and aggressive driving behaviors.

As you prepare to visit a tire shop near you, you may be inclined to save money by only replacing the most worn tires at this time. However, there are good reasons why you need to get a full set of new tires for an all wheel drive vehicle.


The Impact of Mismatching Tires

The tread on your tires directly ties into its width. New tires have greater width. As a result, replacing only two tires could impact the traction control sensors as well as the drivetrain and overall performance. Why is this the case? Because tires with less tread are smaller in circumference, they must rotate more than the tires with full tread.

Plus, when you drive on slick roads, the car’s wheel lock mechanism could be triggered when it is not necessary, and this can affect your safety on the road. In addition to impacting vehicle performance, the drivetrain and the traction control system, this can affect the wear on all of the tires.


Refer to the Experts and Your Owner’s Manual

When the time comes to get new tires for your vehicle, always refer to the advice of experts and to your owner’s manual. If you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle, the manual and experts will likely tell you to get a full set of new tires at the same time even if there is more tread remaining on the rear tires at this time. When you buy the right tires for sale for your vehicle, you can avoid unnecessary damage and remain safer behind the wheel.

Are you wondering which tires are best for your vehicle? Our team is near you and available to help you explore the options that are suitable for your driving habits and budget. We are also able to put you in contact with a tire shop to advise you on the need to replace tires at this time.


Replace All Four Tires on Your All Wheel Drive Vehicle:

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