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Shopping for Audi A3 Tires

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Your Audi A3 is designed to deliver excitement behind the wheel. At the same time, it provides a smooth comfortable ride while maneuvering through town and beyond. As you travel across every mile, wear will impact the tires, and they will eventually need to be replaced. As you select the right brand and style for your Audi A3, consider a few important points.

  1. Originally, all-season tires were installed by the manufacturer. They were selected because of their durability and their ability to promote a superior driving experience. A similar tire style of equivalent quality may be essential in promoting a superior ride and comparable fuel economy going forward.


  1. The roads that your A3 typically travel across should be considered when making a tire selection. Bumpier roads and a colder climate could indicate the need for a style with a more advantageous tread pattern


  1. If you drive your Audi heavily and fuel economy is a significant concern, you may opt for a style of tires that is designed with lower roll resistance. By reducing roll resistance, this style of tire can sustain the desired speed while utilizing less fuel.

Before selecting replacements for your Audi A3, consult with an expert for additional guidance. By doing so, you can more easily find the model that is a great match for you based on your specific needs.

-An average price for a P235/35R19 tire for an Audi A3 Quattro normally costs about $179 per tire, $206 installed.

-If you need more help shopping for tires for your A3 Quattro, please send us a message at

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