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Shopping for Hyundai Elantra Tires Near You

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TireTutor helps you buy the best Hyundai Elantra tires at the best price. We do price and quality comparison shopping for you from dealers and repair shops near you. Here’s what you need to know about Elantra tires.

After five years or 60,000 miles, most Hyundai Elantras will need new tires for smooth, safe rides. However, a quick look at the tire market will reveal that there are dozens of tires claiming to be perfect for your vehicle. The truth is that the best tires for sale for your car will depend on your budget, the type of ride you are looking for and the year and trim level of your vehicle.

Tires for Your Hyundai Elantra Trim Level

The 2016 Hyundai Elantra came in several trims, including the SE, Sport, Limited, and Value Edition. Tire sizes range from 15 to 17 inches depending on trim.

The most common SE edition has a 15-inch tire, which can easily be filled by a variety of brands. You will want to find a dependable tire that gives you a smooth ride on the freeway along with expert handling around curves and corners. The best all-season tire for this model is the Continental TrueContact, which provides incredibly long wear, an 80,000-mile tread warranty and amazing braking on wet roads. Another premium option is the Michelin Premier A/S tire, which provides only 60,000 miles on its tread warranty but unprecedented luxury with limited vibrations and noise.

While both of these options are also available for the 17-inch tires found on the Sport and Limited editions, you may want to consider the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 or the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3 Plus, which provide ultra-high performance on dry roads as well as in cold weather.

Finding the Best Hyundai Elantra Tires Near You

Finding Hyundai Elantra tires that will stand the test of time and hold up well in all weather and road conditions does not have to be difficult. It helps when you consult your trusted tire dealer near you. Your tire dealer will be able to make recommendations based on the typical mileage you put on your vehicle each year as well as on the type of driving you are most likely to do. When you have the right tires on your Elantra, your entire ride will feel balanced and comfortable.

Find the Best Hyundai Elantra Tires Near You

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An average price for a P205/55R16 tire for a Hyundai Elantra normally costs about $115 per tire. The cost is about $142 installed at a tire or repair shop near you.

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