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While the tires on your Honda Accord may initially seem like the least of your concerns, you will quickly find that both the comfort and the safety of your ride depend on the quality of your tires quite a bit. The treads can keep you safe in rain, snow, and ice. The design of the tire will affect how easy it is to handle your Accord, how well it takes corners, and how quiet your ride is even on bumpy or grooved roads. Instead of just searching for the cheapest tires possible, consider which options would take your Accord to the next level.

Many Honda Accords over the years have come from the factory with Michelin tires. Michelin Pilot tires were used extensively along with Dunlop Sport tires until 2013 when Michelin Primacy and Michelin Energy Saver became the favorites. While you can choose from nearly any type of tire that comes in the correct size for your Accord, the factory choice is often the best one for creating the highest fuel economy and quietest, most comfortable ride possible. 

For example, Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires are all-season performance touring tires that are guaranteed for 60,000 miles. They are perfect for a luxurious driving experience because they reduce road vibrations. Plus, they are specifically designed to distribute the weight of your vehicle perfectly even when rounding corners and braking so that they wear well over the miles.

Your Honda Accord will drive best with an all-season tire, such as the Michelin described above. Symmetrical tread grooves will help your vehicle grip the road even in wet weather, giving you a reliably safe ride no matter when you have to go out for a drive. 

Consult Your Tire Shop

If you need new tires for your Accord, it will certainly be best to talk with your trusted local tire dealer to find out what would give you the best experience. Your tire dealer can help you choose the ideal set of tires based on how you like to use your vehicle, the most common type of weather where you drive and the types of roads you most often take. By choosing the best tire for your vehicle, you can have an enjoyable yet safe driving experience.


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